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Divi Church ipsum teen worship hope friendship know divi, prayer tithe 10-40 window nursery you are going to make it word books. Giving sick are healed we are the kingdom only one name last forever tell the world couples divi small groups. The dead are raised couples announcements couple's small groups follow Christ, John 3:16

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GEI Gathering of Eagles Coming Soon!

June 13, 2018

You are specially invited to the GEI Gathering of eagles coming up from April 28th- May 1st at the world class Berlin Resort. It is going to be a great time of fellowship together. It is a weekend set aside for all GEI Alumni to come together in unity, share, care and dare to be the […]

Welcome to Solomon’s Porch

February 27, 2018

Solomon’s Porch is a place where I will bring the current events and exploits of our alumni and faculty around the world. In the New Testament days, Solomon’s Porch was part of the Temple. It  was the place where anybody could go, Jew, Gentile, believer, nonbeliever The crowds gathered to hear amazing stories. To share […]

Ceremony in Nigeria

February 13, 2015

It is exciting that we can be able to share this video clip on the groundbreaking ceremony in Nigeria. GEI Associate Jim Corbett is heading up a major outreach. We are able to be part of a children’s camp with 2400 refugees and no sufficient shower or toilet services. Through a generous donation from the […]