Businessman, Author, and International Trainer Bernie began his professional career in electronics with the Bell System. From there he went on to work for the Xerox Corporation at the height of the Total Quality Movement for businesses. Using this unique skillset he partnered with six other businessmen and formed Homes Guide of America, which became the largest publisher of weekly real estate magazines in the nation. The company employed more than 1000 people. Bernie was honored in Who’s Who in American Business. They were sold in 1989 to Harmon Homes and continue to this day. At the age of 39 Bernie made a commitment to dedicate five years of his life to advancing the principles of the Kingdom of God which had built their company.  His first book was called Wisdom for Today’s Leaders, which has been published in nine languages. This teaching became the foundation of the La Red Business Network which was part of the amazing transformation story in Colombia, South America. By divine appointment a team of business people were invited to present material during the time of cultural reformation in Colombia. The nation had just established a new national constitution and was mandating that principles of value be taught in companies. The timing was perfect and the message of values-based leadership began. From Colombia the message rooted deeply in Guatemala. There was a revolution taking place in Latin America—it was spiritual, economic, and political. La Red enjoyed a front seat view of what God was doing. They tailored trainings that were received in the business and political spheres of influence. Thousands of Latin leaders were drawn to the transformational message of values. In 2004 a national initiative to bring institutional change within the prisons was orchestrated by General Ricardo Cifuentes under the leadership of President Uribe. La Red was chosen to be the vehicle used to present the material which became known internationally as Mission Character. Bernie was part of the international team. From Colombian prisons this material was replicated at the Guatemala Supreme Court and later into the nation of Mexico by invitation of President Calderon. Bernie developed most of the seminar and training materials and authored many seminars.  Some of the titles are still part of core competency training. These would include: Mission Success, Max Q, Managing by Values, The Gift, The Millennium Project and The Power of Influence. All of these trainings are based on the book of Proverbs by King Solomon. Many are being used at the University Level. In 2005 The Global Entrepreneur’s Institute was formed by Bernie and Dr. David Migliore and has become the formal training mechanism for La Red. It is comprised of 100 hours of mentorship and offers a certificate of Mastery. Currently the GEI is in 18 nations. The five year commitment that Bernie made in 1989 has turned into a lifetime work. For the last 25 years he has traveled to 27 nations and 5 continents sharing the principles and values of God’s Kingdom. La Red Business Network has a global footprint of 82 nations in the last four years he has been part of the Nigerian campaign “Do the Right  Thing… Transform Nigeria”. As was the case in Latin America, it seems that Africa is ripe for the message of Values-Based Leadership. The doors have opened in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Africa. Bernie has written numerous books and his book THE 7 VOWS OF SUCCESS  is being used in Guatemala where they have trained 160,000 students in the last 11 years. Bernie has been married for 50 years and has 4 children and 10 grandchildren. It is such an honor to be recognized by the international community that he loves so much.